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AJS1 Graphic Controller

The AJS1 Graphic Controller is a stand-alone, embedded, fanless, diskless, very cost effective, web-based graphical interface for commercial and residential building automation control systems. Multiple protocols are supported including LonWorks, ModBus/485, ModBus/TCP, BACnet/IP and BACnet MS/TP.

No special software or dedicated PC is needed as all programming is accomplished using an ordinary browser.  In addition, there are no complicated or restrictive licensing requirements.  No artificial point or user quantity limitations are imposed.

Typical Graphics

Roof Top Unit - Animated Scroll Compressors and Fans



AJS Overview

Any of the I/O devices shown above can also be programmed to run stand-alone (i.e. PID control loops and custom control sequences).

 Note that any standard Modbus controller, electrical or mechanical metering device, thermostat, PLC, etc., may be interfaced to the Modbus channel.

The above devices are shown as typical and have been successfully interfaced to the AJS1 Graphic Controller.
BACnet and Lonworks devices are also supported.

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