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Since 1986


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AJS Technology has been providing products and services for the Honeywell Delta 1000 (W1000, W1017, ES) building control system since 1983:

AJS PC Host Software (for use with AJS SmartChannel)

AJS SmartChannel (4 user interface board that plugs into Delta channel slot)

AJS RamCram (intelligent memory board that plugs into Delta memory slot)


AJS PC Host Software (for use with AJS SmartChannel)

*  Provides high level user interface to any Delta utilizing standard PCs

*  Replaces 5100 and 5200 systems, PCUs, color CRTs, operator's terminals and printers

*  Historical data reports

*  Card access database management

*  Up to 4 PCs per SmartChannel (independent operation)

*  Multi-Delta configurations also supported

*  Report logs include all point, trend, alarm summary, physical group and numerical point

*  Live VGA graphics are easily supported

*  On-line context sensitive help

*  Plus many other features

AJS SmartChannel Multi-User Delta Interface Board

* Plugs directly into any Delta channel slot (no special software required)

*  Highly reliable microprocessor based design (PC not required for operation with Delta)

*  Buffers (saves) all data when user PC is turned off

*  Supports up to 4 users (via standard RS232 9 pin connectors)

*  Supports remote telephone modem dial-in

*  Supports critical alarm dial-out to PC or pager (shows alarm address on digital pager)

AJS RamCram 64K Intelligent Memory Board

*  Allows any PC to easily load and save Delta data files from any remote location

*  Microprocessor based design plugs directly into any Delta memory slot

*  User friendly menu-driven operation (eliminates cassette recorder and floppy based disk loaders)

*  Expands Delta memory to the maximum possible while eliminating up to 7 boards

*  Complete data backups typically take less than one minute

*  Delta switches are automatically controlled by the RamCram

Customers Include the Following:

Dallas-Fort Worth Airport


Georgia Power Company

Atlanta Marriott Marquis

Atlanta Apparel Mart

RBC Liberty Insurance


Johnson Wax

and others.




AJS PC Host Operator Manual.pdf

AJS PC Host Supervisor Manual.pdf

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