Before Dennis (survived Ivan)  -  Blue Mountain Beach
Note the darker part of the wall vs. the lighter part towards the top....
This was the height of the sand dune that covered the wall before Ivan.
After Dennis (wall vanished without a trace)



Before Dennis (damaged by Ivan)  -  Yellow house, Blue Mtn Beach
After Dennis (wall for yellow house disappeared)
Before Dennis and after Ivan (survived Ivan) - Miramar Beach
After Dennis
Wall failed but lasted long enough to save pools.  House on left lost their pool because they had no retaining wall
Close-up of above wall - note failed anchor pilings

WALL 4 survived

Here's an after Dennis shot of what appears to be a stout wall - note the tighter spacing of pilings.
This wall is located just east of the above wall.
Dead-man cabling method is not known.

What happens when the left end of the wall is not continued....
Note erosion behind wall ("scouring").

Although this vinyl wall was not fully complete at time of failure, it is very apparent that the anchor pilings failed (shown pulled out and laying on side) which allowed to the wall to collapse forward.

The photo below is that of a geotextile tube.  In the end, it seemed to offer little protection.  Keep in mind this property is about DOUBLE this distance as far as Blue Mountain Beach from where the Hurricane Dennis hit.  The elevation of this particular wall is too low to protect us at Blue Mountain Beach.  The higher the wall is, the further out the base must be.  (see Geotube Report)